When a Knee Injury Is a Blessing

I couldn't go for my evening run today. I somehow messed up my knee while running yesterday, and have been in pain all day (yes, Mom, I'll see a doctor if it doesn't feel better soon). The injury was a bit of a blessing, though, as I am swamped with etsy-related work and could use an excuse to stay home and take care of some things. The upcoming holidays have sent several orders my way, and between trying to wrap them up attractively, running to the post office to send them off, making more pieces to fill requests, and trying to restock the sulu-design etsy shop, I'm busier than ever. I added these new earrings to the shop this evening:

found here

found here
(Such fish love! Who knew?!?)

found here

found here

and last but not least, found here

I've got a few more pairs to work on tonight, and then I hope to catch up on my blog reading - I'm longing for a desk job right about now! I hope you all are well. Thanks for checking in.


erin said...

Knee injuries are the worst! Looks like you got alot done, though. Hope it's feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the booming business! And as for having too many beads...pish posh, if you find great ones, buy them! You don't want to have another "could-of, would-of, should-of" moment like the hoop beads.

Anonymous said...

Well...how wonderful that you're selling so much...although, it's all so beautiful, I am not surpriesed! I hope your knee feels better soon.

connie said...

oh man! take it easy. go slow and look for stretches online specific for helping ease out of a knee injury. but i am excited for all your sales! congrats

oh, and when i was home for thanksgiving i was wearing my black and white sulu earrings that i first bought from you way back and my dad said: wow, those are really neat. i forgot to tell you... :)