A Tribute to My Blog Friends

As I've said before, I'm so happy to have become a part of this whole blog mess. I've been in contact with such fantastic people because of it, and today, feeling particularly inspired by a few of my blogging friends, I wanted to thank them for the ways in which they have motivated me in various areas:

First, there's Maritza, who was sweet enough to post a couple photos of some sulu-design fish earrings on her blog today. On top of that, she was also so thoughtful as to speak to the owner of a store in her area, Cambridge, MA, that she thought might be a good venue for sulu-designs. It's so comforting to have a friend like her looking out for me.

And speaking of such friends, Traci and Miss Twiss have turned me on to two different craft fair-ish opportunities to which I applied. Okay, so I've already been rejected by one of the fairs... but aren't these ladies nice to keep me posted on this stuff? Keep your fingers crossed - I should hear about the second application later this week.

There's Connie, who's running pace has me working up a serious sweat on the treadmill, trying to just come close to her speed. She has some pretty darn good recipes up her sleeve, too. And to top it all off, she's been really supportive of my etsy shop.

Then there's Julie, who not only posts about the adorable clothing, bags, and other creations that she sews up, but she also posted a darn good recipe for Brunswick Stew, which I just happened to make this evening:

She said I had to serve it with corn bread, so I did.
She was right.

Of course, there are so many other friends who regularly comment and provide inspiration with the fabulous work that they post on their blogs, like Erin, Shona, Sadira, Mary, Lesley, and Jessica. And I can't forget the members of my weekly knitting group (who have their own special place in my sidebar). Thanks to all of you, and to the other readers who stick with me. You've really made such a difference my ability to focus on my jewelry designs and be excited about crafting, even when work and life get hectic.

Okay, enough gushing. This is starting to sound like a bad acceptance speech at the Oscars (except that I've won nothing). Someone, cue the music!

I wish you all sweet dreams and a happy Election Day tomorrow
(although, sadly, it has become tomorrow as I've been writing - I truly must get to bed).


mary said...

Now that's a nice wishbone...thanks for the "thanks" and hope you are continually inspired as you are an inspiring woman yourself!

julieree said...

yeah! glad you liked the stew. It's one of those things that are so easy, but so good.

looking forward to thursday!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!
I feel the same as you, joining this "community" has really made a difference in my work + how I work. It's strange that we all sit alone in front of our computers and post, but I don't feel like all this happens in a vacuum. Finding people who also try to juggle a 40+ hour work week, home life + our various crafting + entrepreneurial passions...it's a wonderful support system + never ending source of inspiration. I laugh when I think that I stumbled upon this world by searching Google images + hit on Moopy + Me.

traci said...

you are sweet sweet sweet lovely susan. it is you who are inspiring to me... your designs are the first earrings i have worn in these lonely lobes for years. i am so so happy to call you friend.

erin said...

Love this blog communtity especially since I have "met" you!

cynic the lamb said...

Thank you Susan. You are such an inspiration, and you are quite the motivator, too. I love your work. I am not normally a jewelry person, but I want to wear just about everything you make. Good luck with the potential craft fair, and I am glad that you got the card I sent you. Hope to see you soon.

Anonymous said...

Thanks toots...you too! I love reading your blog and checking in on your day, and seeing your work seriously inspires me! I also feel very special when you comment...these blog friends we've all come into contact with are seriously special!

Lesley said...

Thanks Susan, that's really sweet of you! I feel the same way. Reading about your life is a huge inspiration for me. How you manage to pack everything in, well, it's amazing! I wish I was half as productive as you!

The postman left me a note yesterday to say that a package wouldn't fit through the letterbox and I've arranged for it to be redelivered tomorrow. I'm hoping it's from you! Can't wait!!