Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda

I was finally able to make it to the bead supply store this afternoon, where I was hoping to buy several more strands of the popular orange oval bead. As it often goes, there were no more of the kind to be had. Grrr. Shoulda bought more when I first saw them. Woulda bought more had I know they would be so loved. Coulda kicked myself for not initially following my instincts on that one. Oh, well. I did find a few other beads in great shapes and colors, and some are pretty close in style to the orange ones I was trying to stock up on. I'm going to get started on some designs with them tonight, while Barry and I snack on a baguette from Balthazar (one of the world's perfect foods) and hot chocolate flavored with chilies (another gift from Peter and Jennifer).
In other sulu-design news...

Subdivision in Long Island City, Queens, now has ten new pairs of sulu-design earrings in stock. Hey, etsy is down for the weekend... why not stop by a brick and mortar stop to check out some independently designed clothing and accessories?

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, and stop back tomorrow for a look at lots of new sulu-design pieces!


Anonymous said...

I am trying to get my friend to start selling on Etsy, taking up the site (great contacts, free start-up, ya know all the GOOD stuff), go to show her the site + forgot that it was down. Poo.

Yah, I have a 4th part to the could-a, would-a should-a saying that is not in good taste, but I totally feel your disappointment!

As for the couch- We once found the perfect couch, at an auction, about 20 minutes too late. I tried to find the person who bought it to see if they got it for themselves or for resale + to find out how much would they resell it for. Could not find the person + decided to go out for Chinese food to ease the pain. Lets hope that we both have good (GREAT!) luck in our search starting NOW!

erin said...

sorry about the orange ovals - the same thing just happened to me with some yummy rowan yarn. Bummer!