Productivity, Baby!

I'm not usually one for hanging out in my pajamas all day, but if that's what it takes for me to get some sulu-design tasks accomplished, I say, brush off those bunny slippers and let's get started. That's exactly what I did this weekend, and I'm quite pleased with the number of things I was able to check off my sulu-to-do list.
My first order of business this weekend actually did involve throwing on a pair of jeans (which I promptly traded for flannel pajama bottoms as soon as it was appropriate to do so). I stopped by Sodafine in Williamsburg to drop off a few new pairs of earrings to the oh-so-charming Erin.

Once back home, I devoted several more hours to photographing earrings and necklaces that I've been meaning to shoot for a while now, and I posted several more items in my etsy shop. I started with some pieces that I've got from last season that I've posted in the shop at a reduced price:

like these,

and these.

I also ended up putting in a couple pieces that I'd never before pictured on my blog, like:

and these

And I decided to put up a few necklaces that I worked on a while back:

including this one

I even managed to make a few new necklaces to bring with me when I stop by Flirt in Park Slope tomorrow and at JetSet in Richmond, Virginia later this week. Whew! And now, I'm going to reward myself for all of this productivity by catching up with some of my favorite blogs that I didn't let myself peak at this weekend, while keeping cozy in my trusty flannel pajamas.


Anonymous said...

Geez you take the most amazing pics!! AH....the whitehouse rolls with the chicken salad...dah!!! I miss Ukrops!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just bought something - woo hoo! By the way, your post didn't show up in bloglines...
and Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

i love the bottom necklace! it seems you lull in internet sales is over!