I can't wait for Thursday - not only because it means we'll be in Virginia, visiting with relatives, relaxing in the glorious city that is Richmond, and partaking in the feast to end all feasts - but also because once it's Thursday, it means Tuesday and Wednesday are over! Today was brutal (imagine hosting a Thanksgiving feast for 100 eight year olds - fun, but brutal) and tomorrow will be super hectic.
I was able to run to Flirt after work today and drop off 35 new pairs of sulu-design earrings. And now I've got to pack my bags, tidy up the apartment (I can't return from a weekend away to a dirty apartment) and get some sulu-design pieces together to take to Amy at JetSet, my favorite Richmond boutique. If my travels tomorrow don't allow me to post, please know that I'm thinking of my blog friends and have added you all to my list of things for which I'm thankful. Have a wonderful holiday.

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Anonymous said...

Have sooo much fun visiting and eating...all the hard creative work you've been doing has certainly earned you a much deserved rest!