Must Post; Must Sleep

I can barely scrape together the energy to post tonight. I was up ridiculously late last night, got up extra early this morning to vote before work, and busted my butt after work at the gym, trying to run faster and farther than I have before. (I wonder how long my marathon-induced running fervor will last.) I spent the rest of the evening with the lovely ladies in my Tuesday night knitting group. I'm now home, and ready to crash. I just wanted to quickly mention something that I forgot to post a week or so ago.
I got lots of positive feedback on the new orange, oval-shaped bead that I'm currently working with - so much so that I posted three pairs of earrings made with the bead in my etsy shop. Connie and Rachel quickly grabbed up two of the pairs, but there is one left. Since I usually post on the blog when I add items to my etsy shop but I forgot to mention these guys last week, I'm mentioning them now. You can find:

right here.

And now, sleep tight! I know I will.


erin said...

Hope you got a great night's sleep.

Anonymous said...

Those look good enough to eat...sleep sweet tonight!

Maryanne said...

Hey, who bought these! I want these! You know I love orange! and ovals! and earrings! Can you swing another pair for your big sister?

Sweet Treat said...

Sigh! Sometimes when I read your blog I am tempted to get my ears pierced! T