Looking On The Bright Side

I've all but forgotten the rejection e-mail I received today from the second craft fair that I had applied to (thanks, though, Miss Twiss, for directing my attention to the submission process in the first place - there's always next year, right?). The rejection was completely overshadowed by my second great meeting with a blog friend tonight. Julie, the super designer and seamstress behind julieree, met me in Astoria for some yummy Indian food and bloggy conversation. Putting a face with one's on-line persona is always nice, and in this case, the meeting was particularly satisfying because Julie is such a reflective person - she thinks a lot about what she does and why she does it. She appears (from the two hours worth of conversation we had) to live pretty intentfully, a quality that I truly admire. My thanks go to Julie for trucking out to Queens, and for extending the meet-up suggestion in the first place. It was wonderful to meet her, the talented lady behind this cute tote, this amazing shirt, and this adorable quilt. Oh, yeah... and thanks, too, Julie, for not being a mass murderer who lures crafty bloggers into your deadly snare. As always, I look forward to reading your next post. To Julie and to you all, have a great Friday.
P.S. I hope to be posting more orange oval earrings soon, and will be including a photo the next time I write - I promise!


erin said...

glad you and Julie had fun. you can't beat good food and good conversation!

julieree said...

susan thank you! for meeting me and for all your kind words and for such wonderful bloggy conversation.

have a fantastic friday and hope to see you very soon!

Anonymous said...

What a fun night + meeting in a public place for fear that crafty bloggers might lure you into their snare as part of a mass murdering rampage (now I'm embellishing) is always wise, especially if the public place is a yummy Indian restaurant (or Vietnamese!).

Julieree's bro said...

Hey, Suz,

I'm so glad you and Julie happened to meet up -- a happy coincidence, for sure.