I've Been A Bad Blogger

I know, I know. I didn't post yesterday. I make my best attempt to post on a daily basis, but every once in a while, happy hour with colleagues followed by celebrating a friend's birthday beats out my blog dedication. That being the case yesterday, I thought I'd include an extra-large dose of my most recent sulu-design creations in today's post. Of the forty-two pairs I've made in the past three days (yes, forty-two... the holidays are coming, you know):

several are made with cinnabar
(my eternal thanks go to Ivona of Loveday 31 in Astoria
for requesting designs made with this material,
which has been so popular at several stores that carry sulu-design pieces)

a few are fishy

and a few more pairs are made with beads in the blue and brown tones
that I'm currently loving

Being a bad blogger is occasionally acceptable, no? Being an unprepared teacher is not. So I'm off now to work on lesson plans for next week. I hope to see you here again tomorrow...


cccavicch said...

The new designs are beautiful, Susan! Can't wait to see some of them in person.


connie said...

it's better to be a bad blogger than be a bad real-life friend.

happy hour is waaaay more fun than a keyboard! although, we all don't want to be neglected either ;)

love your new stuff, as always!

erin said...

Sounds like you had great excuses for not posting - glad you had fun!

love the pale blues in that last pair of earrings.

julieree said...

I'm with you on those browns and blues. They're just gorgeous!!

LALA dex press said...

How do you punnish a "bad blogger?"

Actually, when you follow a long absence (a day) with a post showing a lot of progress then you do not qualify as a "bad blogger."

That cinnabar is stunning, I used to use it a lot when I was taking metalsmith classes. Cheers to Ivona + to you.