In the Company of a Squirrel

It should not be this dark when I leave school. Isn't that one of the perks of teaching - the great hours? Yeah, right. By the time I had finished enough of my plans for next week that I felt justified in heading home, it was completely dark out. And it was well past the time that my favorite bead store closes, so I was unable to pick up the supplies that I'd been planning on purchasing today. I was a bit bummed, especially since I was looking forward to posting images of new earrings that I was going to make this evening. Ugh - I thought I'd be stuck with another photoless post tonight. But, no! Maritza to the rescue! Waiting for me in my mailbox was this adorable little guy:

He's one of the many great softies (or pincushions - but perish the thought of poking this squirrel) that are available in her knotty bits etsy shop. I'm loving this guy... and he's going to keep me company until I can make it to the bead shop tomorrow.


traci said...

gosh that squirrel is adorable. can't wait for more of those orange lovelies:)

Anonymous said...

What a cutie squirrelie (hmmmm...interesting word...long week...must sleep!) Oh yes, it's quite dark early isn't it? And no supplies...oh dear, there's always tomorrow right?

Mary said...

So cute! Surprises in the mail are just the best!!