Fish on Friday

In my last installment of jewelry made last weekend, I've got a big batch of fish. As I've said before, I had no idea that this bead would be so popular when I picked up a few of them a while back. But since then, I've received so many requests for earrings made with them that I can't keep them in stock.

While they all, of course, work around the same fish bead, each pair is one-of-a-kind thanks to the other beads from which the fish dangle. Currently, there are two pairs of fish earrings in the sulu-design etsy shop, with more to be added this weekend (if stores don't grab them up first).
Ahhhh... the next time we catch up, it will be Saturday!


Mary said...

Very nice! I just love the fish to hook relationship you have going on there...haha! That's a nice "stocking" problem to have!!!

Happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

love the fish. and all those colors they come in. I think the smoky gray kind of one is my favorite.

thanks for all the links, by the way. love that found type blog so much--your pic is great!

erin said...

checking in from Jamaica!! love the fish earrings - what about a fish necklace? also, i am very excited to check out your new links when i get home...you always lead me to great spots!

Anonymous said...

ACK...I love them all so very much!

Anonymous said...

So cool! I love your earrings, I was so upset when I lost that one pair I bought from you. Have you gone back to knitting or focusing mainly on the earrings?