Catching Up

So, I think I finally caught up on commenting on all of the wonderful blogs that keep me going day after day... now I just need to get moving on my own posts! I mistakenly did not include a link to one of the blogs that I've added to my daily reading when I posted this morning (getting in at 1:30 a.m. after a concert, waking at 6:00 a.m. for work, and posting before getting out the door has its drawbacks). I meant to mention how much I'm enjoying Ace Jet 170, a blog dedicated to "found type, print, and stuff." This week, I answered a call from the blog's author for images of cool found type, and today he featured the photo I sent him. You can check it out here. I'll return to posting sulu-design images tomorrow, and should be updating the etsy shop this weekend. Have a great Friday, and happy birthday, Peter!


Anonymous said...

Being the daughter of a graphic designer + a letterpress printer I love Ace Jet 70! Thanks, also loving the images on Alien Cactus Farm, too bad I can't read Swedish.

As for the bird S&P shakers (from your comment on my blog), they are a recent find + I am enjoying them right now, but they'll probably will be gone in the next purge (aprox. 6 months from now). I keep very little, only REALLY importaint things, other stuff (thrift + flea marketfinds) I love to rotate, but with a period of blank space inbetween.

Gloria said...

Ha. I got in at 1:30 last night (morning?), woke up at 7 for class, then decided that I was definitely sick enough to skip classes. (Having had a cough for the past week helped with the validity of my excuse). So I went back to bed and slept until 10, which was heaven.