Ask and You Shall Receive...

it may just require some patience. Thanks to all of you who have been posting comments and e-mailing me about the sulu-design earrings that I posted here throughout this past week. Due to hectic situations at work, I wasn't able to take the time to post those pieces in my etsy shop... until now. Yes, it's two in the morning as I'm writing this, but I promised they'd be posted, so here they are. You can now find these:

and here.

And even though I hadn't posted photos of these particular earrings before on the blog, I put several pairs of carved cinnabar pieces that I've been working on in the shop, too. They can be found:

and here.

Last but not least, there are a few more fish swimmin' around, including a pair that are gold, a pair that are clear, and a pair that are yellow. Thanks to those of you who expressed interest in these pieces. Your encouragement and kind words about my designs are so touching and they keep me going (sometimes until all hours of the night). If things go well, I'll post several more pairs later in the week... after I get some serious sleep. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Anonymous said...

nothing like coming home from our neighborhood drinking hole to find oodles of earrings i've been coveting up in your shop. this is why i love the internet. i can shop at 2am!! he hee!

Gloria said...

Ooh, the cinnabar pieces are really cool. I'm trying to be good with spending money (as in, trying to not spend it), but people like you make it hard!

Anonymous said...

Oh...I want all the cinnabar ones! I love them...how does one choose?

Crystal said...

Agh! Your earrings are the most beautiful ever! I HAVE to get a pair of the goldfish... but I have to wait for my next check, sadly. No room in the budget for it just now. :-(

I love all the carved ones, too. I want all of them! hehe.

Anonymous said...

must...suppress urge to buy earrings

they're wonderful as always susan!