Tuesdays with the L.I.C. Knitting Group

Every Tuesday evening, I get a jolt of inspiration from a group of women who meet up at Communitea in Long Island City to knit together. I joined the group almost two years ago with the intention of learning how to knit. I have since made countless scarves, a hat, and a sweater, but I still consider myself a complete novice at the craft. Most of the other women in the group are seriously talented, and their creations always amaze me. The group was rather small tonight, so I have the space to post what tonight's attendees were working on:

This Melissa is working on some awesome socks

This Melissa is always working on secret projects

Dana is obsessed with Harry Potter
and is making a sweater inspired by the book using
a pattern designed by Melissa

Helen is a sock machine and very bold in her color selections

Maria works on embroidery

It's great to be part of a group of women who are constantly producing quality, creative work. Anyone who lives in the Queens/Brooklyn/Manhattan area and is interested in knitting with our group is welcome to join us from 6-9. E-mail me for more information. Have a great Wednesday - look at that, the work week is half over!


Anonymous said...

Oh how wonderful! I have been knitting for not even a year...and am absolutley amazed by peoples creativity! I am in the midst of learning how to read a pattern (yikes)

PS...I will certainly take a picture of myself in the ear rings!! I can't wait!

erin said...

What a great opportunity - to hang out and knit with like-minded women!

And what are you working on?

LALA dex press said...

Erin asked the question I was wondering, what are you working on? Someone should have taken a photo of your hands. My book binding group is starting a knitting group + have agreed to teach me to knit (I have never even picked up a pair of needles). I did pick up a great how to book at the thrift store yesterday (for encouragement!). Oh, but do I need another possible obsession? But it's so practical + full of functional possibilities.