Top Tens

Top Ten Things that Made Portland Fabulous this Weekend

1. Holly and Mike's Wedding

2. Views like these (taken at the reception):

3. Serious bike culture (appreciated by Barry)

4. The Jupiter Hotel

5. The Doug Fir

6. Complete lack of attitude - a refreshing break from NYC

7. Vintage shopping galore

8. Cafes, cafes, cafes

9. Taqueria Nueve (crispy boar tacos!)

10. Shops on and around North Mississippi, like:
Pistils, Pin Me, Porch Light, Flutter, and Phlox

Ten is also the number of sales I've now had in my etsy shop, thanks to Traci!

And, as Barry reminded me, the number ten is significant today for yet another reason, too. On October tenth (the tenth day of the tenth month), ten years ago, Barry and I went out on our first date. While we celebrated our five year wedding anniversary this summer, we've always thought of today as our real anniversary. Happy 10-10, all!


Anonymous said...

whoa 1010101010! freaky! congrats on all your sales and thanks for the pictures, very fun!

Lesley Todd said...

Happy anniversary! Did you catch your clock at 10:10 as well? Love the photos. Beautiful colour dress!

Anonymous said...

Your pedicure looks great - did all the girls have the same shoes?

Dress color is beautiful, is the fabric organza?

You didn't get enough sleep, posting at almost midnight! Sounds like you had a wonderful time, looking forward to hearing more about it and more pictures!

Anonymous said...

What a significant date!!! Hope it's great!!

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

Congratulations on you 10-aversary!
Love the photos, but find myself wishing I had a cowboy printing block like the one on the coffee cup, I love that image!

Carolyn said...

Happy anniversary!

I'm going to Portland for Thanksgiving, can't wait to check out some of the shops you visited.


Melissa said...

happy anniversary! glad you had a great trip and I guess this means we won't be seeing you tonight! oh and congrats on the 10th sale too!

maritza said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time in Portland. Glad to hear that. Looks inviting, too, in the gorgeous photos you've shared.
Happy Anniversary to you and Barry!
All the best,

Anonymous said...

Happy 10!

Glad to hear you had a good time in Portland. Your photos are fabulous, as always!

k.c.k. said...

yeah! it sounds like you had a really lovely time!

Anonymous said...

you, my dear...are a perfect 10...and can you believe that I'm comment number 11? hmph!

lucy said...

It was SO great to celebrate with you guys! Love that you documented the matching St. Patrick's BR.

Colette said...

Cool photo's - I love Portland. I guess you didn't get to the Japanese Gardens - one of my favorite places there. Good to see you last night