To Do and Toodle-oo

It seems that there is never enough time these days...
I've got to keep this post short and sweet as tonight I must:
1. pack for our trip to Portland
2. work on lesson plans for next week so I can have a school-free mind over the weekend
3. squeeze in a farewell trip in our soon-to-be-sold car (I can't begin to tell you how sad it makes me that we've actually found a buyer for it, but it needs much more attention than we can provide - sounds like a pet, no?)

Since I've got lots of chores to tend to and little to report on otherwise, I thought I'd direct you to some of the blogs that I've been visiting recently, which I'll soon be adding to my sidebar links. Why not check out:
Curious Bird
design sponge
How does your garden grow?
K Style
LALA dex press
Miss Twiss (I remade a shirt inspired by her design this summer)
Soie Belle
Sweet Little Treat
While She Naps
We're off to Portland early tomorrow and will return Monday evening. These links should keep you busy until then. Thanks to Erin, Sadira, and k. cooper for their Portland suggestions. I can't wait to report back!


LALA dex press said...

Thank you!
Looking forward to photos of great Portland finds.

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful trip...I'll wave as you fly over me! Give big kisses to Powells books for me...

julieree said...

have a wonderful trip! Never been to Portland but I've heard it's fantastic. enjoy the wedding. :)

bummer about the car--it's so cool! But I totally get not wanting the fuss and bother and cost of it. That kind of stuff can completely take the fun out of owning a car!

Mary Contrary said...

Aw, I like that car! Good luck with all your work and thanks so much for putting a link to my little world up...you have made me suddenly inspired to make a side bar for blogs I like to read....thanks!!