Sebago Cabining and Other Happiness

This weekend was just what I needed. Although it started off with a bit of rain when we got to our cabin at Sebago Lake on Saturday, the rest of the weekend was absolutely gorgeous. Lest you think that we were lodging in some fancy schmancy digs, I took the photo above to give you an idea of our cabin's interior. The Sebago Lake cabins are just right for me when it comes to roughing it - they provide a roof over one's head and electricity (yes, I brought our coffee pot), but little else. Peter, Jennifer, and their scooter joined us there for our first night and the following morning.

After they left to return to NYC yesterday morning, Barry and I drove up to Beacon, one of our favorite towns along the Hudson River. We stopped in Relic, an awesome vintage home furnishings shop, and Iron Fish, where we fell in love with a mid-century Swedish cart that became an anniversary gift from my parents (thanks, Mom and Dad!):

This morning (oh, how I love three-day weekends), we headed into Nyack and Piermont, two more quaint towns on the Hudson River, on our way home. Barry is getting very familiar with the area up there, as he has been biking up that way while preparing for the century (a one hundred mile bicycle tour/race) that he'll be participating in soon. And, as promised, I returned home with a few pieces of new sulu-design jewelry, one of which is this asymmetrical necklace:

I will be posting it and other pieces in my etsy shop this evening. While we were away, there were two more sales in the shop, thanks to Maryanne, my sister, and Brook. I'll spare the rest of you the images of the wrapped goods that I sent off, but thought I'd show you what else I sent to my sister:

You may recall it from a previous post, but it looks different when actually hanging on a neck. Alright, enough from me already! I know I tend to ramble when I'm in a good mood. Have a great night.


erin said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend! Both necklaces are fabulous - you have such a great eye! Oh yeah - the cart! Good find.

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful cart! Don't you just love anniversary presents? My dad always gave me the neatest anniversary presents when I was married (now he just gives me great presents period!)

Mary said...

mmm...waht a wonderful color that minty muted green is inside the camping walls....I could just drown in that color!!

julieree said...

that sounds like one lovely weekend! I've stayed in many a cabin like that and they're still cozy despite the lack of amenities! :)

and that cart is awesome.

traci said...

sebago!! so crazy!! i used to camp there as a kid with my family. i have so many hilarious and wonderful memories from that place.

p.s. that necklace is gorgeous!! love love love it.