Pantaloni Arcigni (Cranky Pants)

I am horribly cranky; horribly cranky I am. Operating on an average of four to five hours of sleep a night for close to a week now has taken its toll. I am not cute when I don't sleep.

That made it all the more touching to receive a beautiful card and the thoughtful gift of a hanky in the mail today from a friend who has been in a funk herself lately. Her kind words really lifted my spirits in a much needed way today. My thanks go to her, and I wish her and others who are going through blah times right now (I seem to be running into lots of people who are) some serious relief... and soon. I'm off to bed to work on getting myself back to normal.


Mary Contrary said...

Aw hope you feel better!! I would send you some cherry soup if I could! haha

erin said...

get some good sleep!

julieree said...

feel better soon!! sleep lots and take good care of you!

Mom said...

Even when you are cranky you are still cute!

You are giving good Italian lessons too!

Hoping my package that I sent last week will arrive today, but know that what you really need is sleep. Hope you get some this evening!

PS: Maryanne wore the necklace you sent her on Sunday, looked great and she loves it!

LALA dex press said...

There must be something in the air! Yesterday, after work, I just could not let anything go + was really pissy- spitting fire pissy! I think it is that end of the week, long hours, no sleep catching up with me too. Hope all is better + the weekend is almost here (yay!)

cynic the lamb said...

So that's how you say "cranky pants" in Italian! Excellent! Glad you liked the hanky/hankie. =o)