Let the Games Begin

My birthday weekend began in earnest last night when Barry gave me my first gift - tickets to a Frank Black concert at Warsaw, the Polish National Home in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Before the show, we indulged in a little of what they do best at Warsaw - a plate of pierogies, bigos (hunter's stew), and kielbasa. And Frank, as always, sung (or screamed) his heart out. So, the birthday festivities are off to a great start. This morning, continuing with the indulgence theme, I stayed in my pajamas for hours and worked on jewelry.

I came up with a few necklaces:

this one is in my etsy shop,
since I got such positive feedback about its cousin
(scroll down in the link to see the happy relative)

and several pairs of earrings

including another fish pair that is also in my etsy shop

Speaking of the shop, I've also posted two pairs of mother of pearl earrings there - one is the pair that I pictured on my blog a couple days ago, and the other is similar, but with two drops instead of three. And remember, there are only two days left of birthday-induced free shipping!


Sweet Treat said...

Happy Birthday Susan! Mmmm ...so nice to hang about in PJs and do crafty things (loving the colours in your necklace). Sounds like you had the perfect day. Interesting polish food stuff too! Tiff

erin said...

Hope you are having a good birthday! Keep indulging yourself - eat lots of cake!

Love the pink, lime, turquoise necklace - makes me think of my patchwork belt in those colors.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Happy Happy Birthday WEEKEND! I love birthday festivities, and you've got the right idea...birthdyas should certainly be a nice long celebration the older...I mean the more experienced you are at celebrating them!

Anonymous said...

aww. I wish I'd known about the Frank Black show. I love the Warsaw! Sounds like you had a great birthday!