Free Shipping Forever!

I've been debating making changes in my esty shop for weeks now: to charge shipping, not to charge shipping; to keep prices the same, to change prices... Today I finally bit the bullet and did some editing that I hope will be my last etsy editing for a while - what a monotonous chore! Since I've had several people ask me about combined shipping fees, and because I think that combining fees is totally logical but a bit of a pain (okay, not even a pain, but it requires a minute of extra work), I've decided to do away with shipping fees altogether. How's that for combined shipping? In order to defray some of my shipping and wrapping costs (since I'm still individually gift wrapping each pair), I've changed my prices - from $12 to $14 for each pair of earrings, bracelet, and most necklaces. Seems reasonable to me. I'd love feedback, though. I'm hoping that I'll be able to add new designs to the shop soon, but right now I'm trying to get pieces together for the great shops that carry sulu-designs. Unitl then, you can check out some previously posted pieces that you may have missed, like these from a series that I made with wood beads:

these are here

find these here

these, here

yup, here

that's right - here

Have a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

I think it's a lovely idea...I'm sorry blogger was being so naughty with the comment thing! I just found out that it wasn't refreshing one of my favorite girls...grrrr!

Mary said...

mmm....wood! I find free shipping to be the easiest thing the way etsy is set up currently!! You may find that you have more buyers that make more than one purchase at a time this way...good luck!

Anonymous said...

lovely lovely work here. thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind words. same goes here. lovely. i'll see you again!

erin said...

very reasonable, I'd say! hopefully, you'll get more buyers!

Funky Finds said...

love the wood mixed with other beads! have a great week!!

devinemom said...

thanks for stopping by my blog. i love the things you are making, the wood is amazing! looking forward to both looking at your shop and reading more on your blog soon.

connie said...

i love that pair at towards the end with the three pink beads. they look like pomegranate seeds. i that sounds like a good idea, getting rid of shipping and kind of 'building' it into the cost. it makes it easier for all involved. but maybe offer a small discount on orders of 3+? Like, 13$ instead of 14 cause you can wrap them all together? I dunno, people love to see the word 'discount' :)

Trenchant Maiden said...

Horray for free shipping (and how generous of you)

your work is really lovely and only gets better.

and what happened to all the yummy food shots! I was looking forward to your next creation in saveur magazine :-) or at least your next career move to be thier photographer