Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

Usually, when the first of October rolls around, I start my own month-long celebration of my birthday - nothing big, just daily announcements that my birthday is on its way (Barry loves these) and a little extra window shopping in anticipation of presents. I love birthdays. And this year, my birthday is a biggie. But I've been so preoccupied over the past couple weeks with other events (camping, weddings) that I totally forgot to start the pre-birthday fun. So, to catch up with the celebrating that I should be well into, I've decided to offer free shipping on all the items in my etsy shop. You can take advantage of this offer until the 23rd of October (my birthday is on the 22nd, and I don't think I'll feel like editing the etsy postings that night). So, if you've been considering these:

(which is here)

(found here)

(right here)

(you guessed it, here)

or, for that matter, any other pieces in my etsy shop, now is the time to grab them up!

And in "I had a terrific Sunday" news... after a great brunch with Peter and Jennifer at Cafe Henri in Long Island City, I put the finishing touches on over twenty pairs of earrings, including these:

Barry and I had a delicious fish taco dinner, and will soon be heading out for one last weekend hurrah at a new wine bar in L.I.C. Have a great start to the work week, everyone, and don't forget to take advantage of free shipping at the sulu-design shop!


mia said...

happy birthday month! October is a fine, fine month to be born... (strangely enough, you are exactly 2 days older than I am. )

Anonymous said...

you have certainly been busy! Happy birthday month...it's certainly fun to celebrate again and again! I must pop over to the shop too...

cynic the lamb said...

You are my time-management-hero(ine). Look at how productive you are! The earrings look great - you make me wish I have pierced ears. Weren't you working on some clip-on type of earrings a while ago?

connie said...

wow, pretty shiny things

LALA dex press said...

You have certainly come far in photographing your jewelry, from those first posts about working out some kinks to now. They look good enough to eat! Like yummy candy.
Thank you for the idea about the yearly color change in my holiday cards. I was also thinking about different language every year.

erin said...

you have been busy!

happy birthday month - i love that you find the anticipation just as much fun as the actual day!

the jewelry looks absolutely stunning - you have a great photographic talent.

fish tacos - yum!

Trenchant Maiden said...

yay for birthdays!
yay for your talent!
yay for free shipping!
yay for etsy shops!!
yay for tacos!!