The Capital Greatest

For days, I've been eagerly anticipating a package from Erin at House on Hill Road. She told me to watch my mailbox, and I was on it like a hawk. Or, at least, like a hawk with a job - the postman tried to deliver it while I was at work. Ugh! Those little pink "sorry we missed you" slips are such a tease! I was able to get to the post office, though, this evening after work, and I was totally blown away by Erin's thoughtful gift:

She sent the sweetest birthday present - a vintage Kentuck Derby glass from 1976, the year I was born! I can't believe how perfect it is for me - my loyal blog readers know how much I love vintage finds, and those of you who were with me back in August know how much I love mint juleps, the official drink of the Kentucky Derby. I've been smiling since I opened the box over an hour ago. Thanks, Erin!

And, just when I thought things couldn't get any better (I mean, it is only Wednesday), I find out that there is a second box waiting for me at the post office. This one, from my mom, is full of other spot-on goodies, like embroidery hoops for my version of Sally's fabulous wall pockets, more vintage hankies:

and a cool teak tray:

Sorry to post that last photo with its poor color - it's just that I've been so busy that I haven't yet had time to finish reading the manual for my new digital camera (thanks Mike and Judy)! Birthdays are the second greatest, coming in just behind family and friends who at times know you better than you know yourself. You guys are the real greatest. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

that moose on the teak tray is great! Glad you like the glass - the other goodies you got are pretty wonderful too!

Anonymous said...

Glad the box finally arrived!!! Told you I had addressed it to Peter and Jennifer's by mistake and it arrived back at our house!

Didn't know if that "strange lobster" could be worked into a necklace.

Sounds like your birthday celebration was great and look for one more box!

maritza said...

Nice presents! Very cool stuff there.

Anonymous said...

What a fun glass! I just love surprise packages...