Workin' for the Weekend

This weekend lived up to my expectations - and more. Instead of going on and on about how great it was, I'll show you instead. Saturday was all about:

finishing another project - a pair of earrings,
(happily, Erin finally received her earrings, too)

going to Sodafine's grand opening

our car overheating when we went to leave the opening
(perhaps because I had kept Barry waiting in it for quite a while
during my successful Beacon's Closet visit beforehand),
allowing us some time to leisurely stroll around while it cooled down

eating darn good Vietnamese food (I'm the Clean Plate Club member here)

and seeing a fun show at the Knitting Factory

Sunday was filled with:

a strenuous hike in Bear Mountain State Park,
leading us to an old cemetary in the now-abandoned Doodletown:

so many of the grave markers there had gorgeous carvings
that had grown faint with time

insects and flowers of the most intense colors were everywhere

And just think - next weekend is only five days away!
Enjoy your Monday.


Anonymous said...


You won't believe it! I just came into possession of some embroidery hoops!! Will save them with the hankies.

Your pictures looks great, jewelry, food, cemetery, you could be photo stylist!

Glad you had a good week, keep it up!

cynic the lamb said...

It looks like you had a fantastic weekend! Yay!!!! Love the photos. Those are some cool insects.

Colette said...

There's nothing as good as an event the exceeds expectations - lloks like you had a great weekend.

Where was the Vietnamese restaurant? That is the one thing I miss about not working in Manhattan any more! There are no Vietnamese restaurants in LI.

LALA dex press said...

Oh how I love hikes that lead to old cemeteries! We just did not have stuff like that in Los Angeles + now I drive people crazy with my need to stop, read, photograph + wonder about the tombstones.
They don't bother taking my order at the Vietnamese restaurant I frequent, they see me + start preparations! Pancake, no pork, shrimp only, side of rice. Thank you!

Melissa said...

sounds like you had a good weekend too! that flower with bugs is a little scary though!

i know barry knows a bit about cars, but did he check to see if the carborator is running too rich? or you might need a new waterpump.

julieree said...

that sounds like one fantastic weekend. except for the car trouble part. though it sounds like even that wasn't too bad.

i was so going to go to flirt this weekend and then i got lazy. such lovely weather and i couldn't get my butt out of the house. next weekend for sure.

lovely lovely photos!!

mia said...

so optimistic... the weekend is only five days away, awesome :)
nice river view!

erin said...

glad your weekend was so nice - hope the rest of your week is too!