Warning: Battery Exhausted

I was really disappointed to get that message when I turned on my camera tonight, thinking that I was going to be able to take a few shots of my Tuesday knitting group's projects to post here when I got home. Luckily (since I am allergic to photoless posts) I had taken a picture before I left for the meet up:

Lexie, a regular reader of my blog, is the fourth customer at my etsy shop! I was so excited when I got home from work and found that she had made a purchase that I immediately wrapped up the earrings and found a post office near me that has new evening hours, so Lexie should be receiving this little package so soon. Thanks, Lexie!
And now (with my apologies to Barry, who hates painful metaphors) I must admit that the exhausted battery reference above was meant not only to fill you in on my camera woes, but also to let you know (in the cheesiest way possible) how I'm feeling recently, which is totally wiped out. Most of you know that my manifesto this school year has been, "Work shall not interfere with my social life." However, I hadn't considered that the manifesto needed an addendum, which should read: "My social life shall not interfere with my health." Today, I felt like I was under a train ("Io sono sotto il treno" - the expression that my friends in Italy used to use to describe being hung over, although hung over I am not). I've been getting up way too early, staying up way too late, and relying on too many cups of coffee to get me through the hours in between. I'm completely exhausted, and maybe a little bit sick. So please excuse a little less sulu-designing over the next few days. I think I'm going to indulge in some seriously needed sleep.


cynic the lamb said...

I love the way you wrap your packages/earrings for customers. Very pretty and stylish. Feel better soon!

LALA dex press said...

I am sure anyone who read your blog can empathize! Although I have not made a pledge such as yours, when I go-go-go I come to a point where I crash, physically + mentally. Coffee can only carry you so far. Rest your weary self + we will all look forward to your return with new batteries!

erin said...

get rest and I hope you feel better!

love the packaging!!

Mom said...

Cara Mia,

Io sono sotto il treno makes me want to take Italian lessons again and book a flight!

Get some rest!