To Die For*

A couple days ago, Connie - yes, the Connie who pens Life Love Chocolate and who has inspired me to add heat to fruit (apricots, most recently) - tagged me to post the following: What five foods should one try before one dies?

I have to admit, I agonized over this question. I waffled back and forth between choosing my top five foods and top five meals. I had trouble detaching particularly good tastes from the quality of the atmosphere in which they were enjoyed. I devised categories to make things easier, telling myself to select one each from fruit, bread, meat, dessert, and drink groups. But what about cheese? I could take up all five slots with cheeses alone! So, in order that I be able to think about something other than food this weekend (this tag has seriously consumed my thoughts for days now), I'm bending the rules a bit. Here are my two top five lists (not to be confused with one top ten list):

Five Foods That Make My Life Worth Living:
1. Figs. The sexiest fruit around. Period.
2. Beets. Love the earthy taste and the gorgeous color.
3. Balsamic vinegar. It makes so much taste so much better.
4. Prosciutto. Heaven in thin-sliced form.
5. Dessert wine, be it port, muscat, passito, birbet. No better way to end a great meal.

Five Meals Worth Writing Home About:
1. Beef Brisket from Kreuz Market in Lockhart, Texas
2. Lamb Sandwich from Sammy's Halal cart at the corner of 72nd Street and Broadway in Jackson Heights, Queens
3. Butter and Sage Gnocchi from Peasant in New York City
4. Veal Liver at Chardenoux in Paris, France
5. Dessert at Bar Jamon in New York City, which is, honestly, two different dishes - Churros with Hot Chocolate and Flan, but Barry and I always order both and share

It's killing me that I couldn't squeeze in a meal from Italy, Greece, or Portugal. How could I not include cannoli and flourless chocolate cake? I'm not good at these sorts of lists - so I've just got to commit this one to a post and be done with it. To read the top five lists of other bloggers who are much better at this list stuff than I am, check out The Traveler's Lunchbox. And feel free to comment with the food or foods that you think one has got to try before one kicks the bucket.

*Disclaimer: Title meant only in jest, in reference to Mike, my father-in-law, who appreciates meals that are "T.D.F." more than anyone else I know.


cynic the lamb said...

You must go to La Flor in Woodside (53rd and Roosevelt) and check out their crabcake. Especially if you're a fan of balsamic vinegar - they make it with this gorgeous balsamic reduction. Ooh la la! And if you are a meat-eater or with a meat-eater, have them try the filet mignon there. The place is truly one of Queens' best kept secrets.

connie said...

great list! i know... it is sooo hard to come up with just 5 things. you do have to come up with little rules for yourself in order to limit it... i liked your approach of just strictly foods, not meals, nothing in it... just single items. and i'm glad you added some heat to your fruit ;)