There's Nothing That a Little Gnocchi Can't Fix

While not totally cured of my annoying cold, I'm feeling a lot better this evening. In part, my recovery may be due to indulging in a plate of my favorite gnocchi with fresh mozarella and basil from Manetta's in Long Island City, and, following dinner, a drink at the Creek and the Cave, all to celebrate a friend's birthday:

Thank goodness I'm feeling better, because I'm beyond excited about this weekend. Barry and I have rented a little cabin near Bear Mountain. Peter and Jennifer, my brother and sister-in-law, will be joining us there on Saturday. And since Barry and I don't have to work on Monday, we'll be spending Sunday night on our own there, too. A weekend full of hiking, reading, sitting by a camp fire, making jewelry on a picnic table (I plan to bring my supplies), and generally soaking in the fine fall weather is just what I need to kick what remains of this cold. Enjoy a wonderful weekend. I'll be seeing you in a post again on Monday.

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Anonymous said...

I hope you have a wonderful time, it sounds like heaven!

Gnocchi IS amazing isn't it? The last time I had gnocchi was for my birthday lunch in Orvieto (a little hill village in Italy) freshly made with truffles on it, a 3 hour lunch adventure with wine at every course. I dream of this meal quite often...pure heaven!