Subdivision - Long Island City, Queens

I just got home from Subdivision, an awesome boutique in Queens that I've raved about before. I met up with the fantastic Eva, who chose several new pairs of sulu-design earrings for the shop:

Aside from the great clothing and accessories that Subdivision carries, they've also got some adorable softies made by my knitting pal. You can check those out in her etsy shop, too - in case you can't make it to Queens.
I'm only feeling the slightest bit better, so I'm going to wrap it up for this evening and try to take care of myself. I've got some fun plans for this weekend that just can't be ruined by a cold!


erin said...

I see she took the fish earrings! Good choice on her part. Get some rest - hope you are feeling better soon.

Mary Contrary said...

Aw I hope you feel better!! You are the shop/boutique queen!! I can't wait for the day I happen upon a random shop and recognize one of your pieces!!

cynic the lamb said...

Wow, I still cannot get over how productive you have been. Go you!!!! And it's all consistently great quality stuff, too. I am so psyched for you.
Eva picked some great earrings there. How is she doing? Next time you see her and/or Luis, please tell them Matt and I say hello. We hope to see them (and you) soon.
P.S. Thanks for the mention. =o)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I think that plans are a good catalyst for resting and feeling better! Tea always works wonders doesn't it?

LALA dex press said...

Hey, now you were the one who had the fig pictures a couple days ago + made me soooo hungry + miss home. And about Kristen's prints, I am in love with the mary jane shoes card in her Etsy shop, so glad I found her!
I hope you are feeling better, I see you bought batteries so that is a sign. I actually had a crash period yesterday + left work early, claiming to be a rock star suffering from exhaustion. My boss said, fine, go home, but not to OD on any prescription meds.
Have a fabuloso weekend!