Stop Reading Now if You Can't Handle Sappiness

I did not do a single bit of jewelry-making on Friday, so if I'm going to share anything about my day, it has to be work related. And since I'm sticking to my promise not to complain about work, I might as well tell you what happened in my class yesterday that just about melted my heart. Remember the little boy in my class who asked, completely innocently, if I was an escort before I was a teacher? He's quite a little character - very bright but super impulsive and fidgety. Well, yesterday, as the class was packing up to leave, he walks over to me and says, "Ms. Lutjen, I really miss you on the weekends." How can I ever compain about work when adorable little kids say stuff like that to me?
And a bit more child related goodness... Barry, along with being an amazing photographer, runs a community center for kids, and he came home with these yesterday:

Figs from a garden that he and his program participants cultivated this summer! I was thrilled, seeing as I'm fig-obsessed, and so happy to see that the kids' garden is thriving.
On a non-work realted note, Barry and I went with Michael Stipe, yes, the one from R.E.M., to see Old Joy last night. Okay, we weren't exactly with Michael Stipe, but he was two people ahead of us in the ticket line. Sorry, but I rarely have celebrity sightings, so I thought I should report this one.
This morning, I'm going to get to work on some necklaces (made with pieces from this post) that I've been too busy to start until now, and then Barry and I are meeting up with Heather, one of my best friends from as far back as I can remember, and her boyfriend, who are visiting NYC from Cleveland this weekend. Heather said that the plan is to cram as much amazing eating into the weekend as possible (and we might pop into a few shops and museums, if we happen to pass any between restaurants and cafes), so I hope to have some good food experiences to report on Sunday. Have a fabulous weekend, all. I can tell that I'm going to.


erin said...

Oh, those figs look so good. There is nothing better than a freshly picked one, either. Speaking of food, enjoy your weekend!

julieree said...

that story about your student is sooooo sweet. what a cutie.

enjoy all the good eats. I'll be interested to hear where you went--you're always so good for recommendations!

and, after living in nyc for over 2 years, I have yet to sight a celebrity. what's with that? perhaps I'm just not observant enough. :)

mia said...

oh, don't you worry... I talked about seeing michael stipe at a show I was working on for at least a week. and celebrity sightings at work totally don't count.
those figs looks awesome!

cynic the lamb said...

How sweet! That story is priceless. It just goes to show you really have made a difference in someone's life.

Mom said...

My "fig" tree from Dante never took and Robert hasn't given us any of his this year. Those look outstandingly delicious!

Your "celebrity story" reminded me of the time about 50 years ago in NY when Georgie and I were walking with our NY aunts and this limo pulled up over the curb almost running us over with Eddie Fisher in it - you may not even know who Eddie Fisher was!

Loved the story about your little guy who will miss you over the weekend, don't you just want to give him a hug but that probably isn't allowed.

LALA dex press said...

Oh, did I tell you about the time I saw "Do The Right Thing" with Rudolf Nureyev? Does it count that he was sitting in the theater seat next to me?
I have an art teacher friend who publishes a comic strip of unintentionally, completely innocent, amusing comments kids make in his class. Your story is great!
I love the new earring designs, darn I wish I could wear earrings, I'll keep my eyes peeled for a necklace. AND you are making me miss my parent's fig tree.