Sodafine, Brooklyn (and other reflections)

One thing that I can't stand about Blogger, the site that I chose to host my blog, is that when people leave comments about my posts, I can't respond directly back to them. I can post a reply under the comments they've left, but who knows if they'll go back to check the comment section after they've already posted there? Or I can check out their blogs if they've got them (although several don't), and leave responses there, but that's not really the forum in which to reply to their comments about my posts.
A couple weeks ago, I got a comment from a reader name Lexie, with whom I was dying to get in touch. Lexie had written to say that when she checked out several of the links to the shops where sulu-design jewelry can be found, she noticed that the sulu-design name didn't appear in their lists of designers that they carry. She suggested that I drop them a line and ask them to include my name on their sites.
I, of course, have noticed the absence of my name on these sites as well, but I've always been too shy to inquire about getting my name up there. I'm not at all what one would normally refer to as shy, but when it comes to my jewelry, I have a bit of an inferiority complex. When I look around the shops where I sell my designs, I'm always blown away by the creativity and the meticulous craft exhibited in the other designers' goods. They seem to be in a league above me - they are true artists. I, on the other hand, am a little old teacher who makes jewelry when I've got the time. I guess I don't feel justified in asking for my name to be up there on a store's website with all of the other real designers. I'm not going to go on and on about this confidence issue, but I wanted to thank Lexie for her suggestion, and let her know that it's something I've contemplated (over and over). This discussion also explains why the following had me so excited yesterday:

Barry and I stopped by Sodafine, an adorable shop owned by the even more adorable Erin. She recently moved the store from Fort Greene to Williamsburg, Brooklyn (119 Grand Street, to be exact). I had been by the shop about a month ago to drop off some new pieces for the opening of the new location, but at the time, Erin was still in the midst of renovating. Yesterday was my first time at Sodafine since it opened, and it looks fabulous:

I was so excited for Erin and was so wrapped up in discussing with her the trials of opening one's own store (thanks for all the advice, Erin - I've tucked it away for future reference) that I failed to notice this:

The two dress forms in the front window are wearing sulu-design necklaces - the ones made from bits and pieces that I picked up in New Orleans this summer! I mean, I really failed to notice it - half an hour after we left the store, Barry said, "Isn't it cool that your necklaces were in the store window?" I, of course, had no idea what he was talking about, so we went back to the store so I could see for myself. I was beyond excited. I was thrilled, too, to see how Erin has displayed several other sulu-deisgn pieces inside the shop:

It was a really great boost to see that a few of my pieces had such prominent displays in Sodafine. Thanks again and best wishes go to Erin, who runs a fabulous little boutique.
I'm off now to work on my lesson plans - NYC public school students start school tomorrow. Wish us all luck!


erin said...

Oh Susan, how exciting! What a thrill it must be to see your wares displayed in such a great storefront...I LOVE the necklace on the left mannequin...really, truly LOVE it!

Chickenbells said...

I agree with you about not being able to contact someone directly when they leave you a comment...as I just checked my blog and found that you left me a sweet comment...thank you so much!

Your jewelry is amazing, I am looking forward to exploring your blog/life as well! Isn't it an amazing feeling to see your creations out in the world? The other day someone walked into my sotre with a bag I made, and I got such a HUGE grin on my face (they probably thought I was crazy...then again, if they shopped there regularly, their suspicions may be well founded..hehehe)

Colette said...

Judging by the comments and compliments I receieve whenever I wear your earrings, I would say you are a true artist too.

It must have been so cool seeing your necklaces in the window.

julieree said...

oh, those necklaces are beautiful! I need to get over to Sodafine. soon. congratulations!

cynic the lamb said...

Lady, you ARE an artist! Your jewelry is beautifully crafted, elegant and funky, and so many people love it. Kudos on the Sodafine window display!
Good luck tomorrow on your first day back. Hope it goes well.

connie said...

is there any way you could post your beautiful necklaces on Etsy? I would like to see more... maybe purchase one... I really like that one that is displayed on that patchwork-like shirt. Cograts on your work getting so much positive exposure!

sulu-design said...

Thanks, everyone, for the kind comments. I'm glad to have gotten such a positive response to the necklaces. I'm considering putting some necklaces on etsy. It's just that I make so few, and usually they are snapped up by the stores where I consign. I'll put a couple from my next series to the side, though, for etsy sale only. Thanks again - your support means a lot to me!

LALA dex press said...

Let me try this again since Blogger was not my friend yesterday.
I 100% agree with you on the e-mail issue with this service, I see what Typepad offers + wonder if it might be worth the fees.
Thank you so much for your comment about my comment on Black Apple, it is really something I think about every time I post. I see you share a rule that I have imposed upon myself- NO complaining about work! I slipped once + deleted the post (some of my co-workers read my blog).
Your jewelry is beautiful + I love your use of woods. I'm going to read some of your archives now.
(e-mail would also prevent these looonnnggg comments).
Take care! Shona