Project Number Two: Check!

My second little project for the day is now complete. I've been meaning to post a few new items to my etsy shop for a while now. I've still got several pairs of earrings that I need to photograph in order to post them there, but I was able to get a few necklaces and a bracelet up today.

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In the interest of full disclosure, I should mention that these pieces are recently back from consignment at boutique where they didn't sell last season. I decided to post them at etsy at a fraction of what they would cost in the store, since they've been waiting a few months for a home. And since my new necklace designs are in a bit of a different vein, I thought I'd sell these at rock-bottom prices. I hope they are found by some loving owners!


Mary Contrary said...

mmmm...these bracelets look so yummy and colorful..I'm sure they will fly!

cynic the lamb said...

Those are beautiful! Love 'em.

Lesley said...

Very pretty! I'm sure they'll soon find new owners.

Maryanne said...

I posted you a comment under your last entry. You are wonderful Suz!