Must Be in Bed in 18 Minutes

I got such kind comments on last night's quick post that I decided to keep tonight's text short and sweet, too. A few blog visitors seemed to like the simple design of the pair of earrings that I posted yesterday, a design I've been referring to as "bead...repeated," so I figured I make a few more tonight - same style, different beads:

and one other pair that's a tad bit different:

(Please excuse the poor lighting -
the sun went down hours ago and I hate to use a flash.)

I was so happy to read a comment from one observant visitor who commented on the background image in yesterday's photo post. I had intended on mentioning the source of the image last night, but being so tired at the time, I couldn't bear to type more than a few words. So, now that I'm somewhat more awake, I'll give proper credit to Roxanna Bikadoroff, the artist, and Michael Ian Kaye, the designer, who have produced a gorgeous series of book covers for several books by Flannery O'Connor, published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux. Since Barry has been reading one of them recently (the image that you may have caught a glimpse of is from the cover of Everything that Rises Must Converge), it was sitting on our desk. It struck me as pretty complimentary to the earrings I was photographing, so I used it as a backdrop. Check out some bits of other amazing covers in the series:


traci said...

oh i love that pair all alone there. they are gorgeous!! and so are those book covers.

cynic the lamb said...

I like those beaded earrings. I am also partial to those clasps you're using - they seem like they would hold the earrings better than the standard posts/droopy thingies AND they complement the design of your earrings beautifully.
Great book covers. Thanks for sharing that!

erin said...

love the design and art of those book covers. all of the earrings are fabulous...nice work!

shoobydoo said...

All wonderful :)