Monday was...

taking the N train to the 7 to get to Long Island City
(my car was empty - the train is never empty!)

meeting up with Heather at Lounge 47 for one last meal together
before she returns to Cleveland
(and hoping to see Heather and Mark again soon)


julieree said...

cool picture of the subway! i loooooove an empty subway car. Makes me want to run up and down the aisle. I think it's only ever happened about once, though (the empty subway car, that is. i was too timid to do the running up and down the aisle. maybe someday.)

cynic the lamb said...

Great photos! It is one of life's most exquisite simple pleasures - an empty subway car. Ahhhhhhhh, it makes me miss NYC (for one brief moment).
How did you get that photo of Lounge 47? Did you take that from the backyard? Are those the mirrors? Beautiful!

erin said...

Ooooh! I love your photos today...especially the train. Well done!

connie said...

whoa, i love that picture

and when i'm alone on the subway, i feel weird, like something bad might happen... but i know that nothing bad can happen cause its just me.

isn't it odd how used to people you get when you live in a city? the absence of people is such an oddity