Julie, Check out Brooklyn General and Ma, Check out the Mint

I have to admit - I was holding out on you yesterday. During our fabulous Brooklyn excursion, I happened upon a store that I adored, but I couldn't post about it - at least not yesterday. You see, I asked the permission of the friendly woman working there to take a photo of the store's interior and to post it on my blog. She asked that I wait until I spoke to the store's owner to post anything. And I couldn't reach the owner until today, so... now I can say it: I love Brooklyn General! And Julie, the crafty seamstress behind julieree, will love it, too (so add this one to your list, Julie).

Brooklyn General, located at 128 Union Street, carries a make-me-drool selection of yarn, vintage fabric, and fun notions. I'm not much of a seamstress myself and my knitting skills are minimal, but I had so much fun just browsing through the wares here. Since I don't frequently purchase fabric or yarn, I can't really comment on the prices. But I do know that the store's design is so inviting - many of the fixtures are vintage general store pieces, and the goods are displayed so thoughtfully. I lingered there for a while, marveling at the beautiful prints and the store's replication of an atmosphere from years gone by.
And now, in totally unrelated news, look, Ma, mint!

My mom was moved to post a comment a while back when she saw that I was using store-bought mint to make mint juleps. I'd been trying to grow mint in our window box all summer to no avail. Finally, I brought it indoors (and plopped it into a planter that Peter and Jennifer gave us), and now it's finally growing. I thought that would thrill my mom the way Brooklyn General thrilled me.


Anonymous said...


Was so excited to come to work today and open your site! For sure when I retire we'll have to have Internet service at home!

Your weekend sounded terrific as did all your finds. What perfect days, am hope they energize you for the work week.

I love the way you package the items you are selling, you know me I would try to save those gorgeous wrappings intact!

Looks like your mint is doing really well and I have also had good luck with basil and rosemary in the house over the winter if you want to branch out.

Was at a house sale this weekend myself and along with the chain saw and the teak tray bought two large yellow, somewhat rusty large Tonka vehicles. Should I save them for your store???

Have a great week, looking forward to the next update!

julieree said...

hey thanks susan!

i've been meaning to get to Brooklyn General for months now and haven't gotten down there. I saw their booth at renegade craft fair in the early summer and quite nearly drooled over all their goods.

so now I absolutely must make the trip. soon.

you are one rad scout to find all this awesome stuff. :)

lexie said...

hi sulu
i was so touched by your holler out the other day! it was my pleasure to give you a bit of a designer ego boost.
just wanted to let you know that i just made my first sulu earring purchase yesterday. i was out shopping in williamsburg and finally made it into the new sodafine location. bought the beautiful gold danglies - with the hoops and the strings of links. loving them! and guess what, then i went to this other store Therapy right next door (which you should check out) and bought a knecklace to match! it is a gold chain with a citron stone charm.
another question. my friends and i have been admiring many of your designs on your blog. would you ever consider selling from your blog? :)

hope class is going well!