I Take It Back

I must apologize. In yesterday's post, I broke two of my self-imposed rules of blogging. Number One: Do not complain about work. Number Two: No sunsets, no matter how beautiful they are. I think I was feeling a little desperate. I had been holed up in my classroom all day and therefore had no great images to share, so I resorted to the cheap way out. I promise - it won't happen again.
One of the many things that I love about Barry is that he would never post a silly photo (or a lame complaint about work, if he posted text, which he doesn't) just for the sake of posting. Barry is very good about being patient until the right thing comes along. If he needs new shoes, he gets a very clear idea of what he wants, and he won't settle for shoes that don't fit the bill. He could look for months before he finds the perfect pair. Me? I end up buying three pairs of shoes that were great bargains but that I don't wear for more than a month or so because I never really liked them in the first place. It's the same with our posts. While I'm usually anxious to get to the computer and post to keep in touch with people (even if I really have nothing of value to post), Barry waits until he's got something important to say (or - in the case of his blogs - show), before he posts. It means that one of his blogs isn't updated super frequently, but when it is, it's worthwhile. I'm mentioning this here because Barry's name is often linked in my text, especially now that he started a new blog, and I want you readers to know that he does maintain his blogs, but only when he's got something great to offer (which he did today).
I think I found something worthwhile to post, too. Just like yesterday, I was holed up in my room all day today, but it was there that I came across some things that caught my eye. I found, in a box of books given to me by another teacher, several very old books with cute covers. Here are two of my favorite:

The first book has great cut-outs throughout the text. The second one reminds me of nice letter press cards.
I made a lot more progress on the room today, too. I think I'll go in this weekend to put the finishing touches on and get set up for the arriving students on Tuesday. Here's the room's current state:

Enjoy this long weekend. And please accept my apologies. No more forced posts!


malbec said...

I LOVE the way you've decorated your room....and I love the room. Floors are gorgeous! You are really talented.
Seeing your room makes me miss school. Can you believe it??

julieree said...

the room is looking great! And those books are classic. I love the elephant.

And I, personally, have about 6 zillion shoes in my closet that I shouldn't have bought. But I just put it down to over-enthusiasm. And, hey, there are far worse faults to have! :)

happy long weekend!

erin said...

those books are great! and your room is looking great too. enjoy the long weekend.

Funky Finds said...

no apologies needed...we've all been there, believe me! hang in there & take care of yourself.