Hello, Brooklyn!

Want to know the one really great thing about returning to work this week? I mean aside from the adorable eight year olds I get to spend my days with. Working during the week really makes me appreciate the weekend. Barry and I took full advantage of a beautiful Saturday today by driving to a couple of our favorite spots in Brooklyn.
First stop: "Carroll Gardens West." I use quotation marks here because the few blocks of shops, bars, and restaurants that we visited today are separated from Carroll Gardens by the Brooklyn Queens Expressway, but apparently realtors have given this area, otherwise known as The Columbia Street Waterfront District, the snazzy name for the sake of making this little section a little more appealing to prospective buyers and renters. We poked into a little shop that I love, called Brooklyn Collective, at 198 Columbia Street, where I found a pair of earrings to covet. Always good to have something to covet. Then we made our way a little further down Columbia to Union Max, at 110 Union Street.

Union Max has a ton of great old buttons and beads (along with clothing, photos, housewares, and the like). There, I picked up several vintage doodads, which I am so excited to work in to some necklaces later this week:

Next stop: Red Hook. We started off at an awesome bakery/cafe called Baked, at 359 Van Brunt Street. Chocolate and black cherry scones, lemon-lime bars, cupcakes galore, and great iced coffee... I'm in love with this place.

We strolled down to the waterfront, where there are huge factories (home to some great studio space) and some amazing old streetcars on display:

On the walk back to our car, we stopped in Saipua, at 392 Van Brunt Street, a recently opened handcrafted soap and fresh flower shop. It has a beautiful interior, with great antique furnishings and stunningly arranged flowers.

The store owner, Sarah, with the help of her super friendly boyfriend, Erik, sells soap made by her mother. The soaps have amazing scents and beautiful packaging.
And our next stop, now that we've relaxed at home for a bit, is a vintage car meet up in Greenpoint (no, we haven't sold the car yet, and no, we haven't really tried), and then a bar in Long Island City with Peter and Jennifer, my brother and sister-in-law. Ah, Saturdays!


Anonymous said...

wow! what a great day! i love days like that, poking around different stores, seeing fun things, getting inspired. i hope sunday is just as fun!

julieree said...

ack! how have I never been to these places before? I live in brooklyn and yet I have never been to red hook. that's just wrong.

thanks for all the tips! writing this all down right now.

glad you're enjoying your weekend! :)

Melissa said...

Can I just second the loving the weekend bit?

Also, my school is looking to move into one of those waterfront buildings in red hook. Teaching down there would be such a treat if I could hit up the bakery every morning (as opposed to sketchy the sketchy food bazaars in bushwick!)

maritza said...

Beautiful photography! Those shops look fabulous, too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip!! I might try to find that Union Max store tomorrow if you don't mind!!