Happiness is a Full Mail Box

I'm never this upbeat on a Monday after work. Usually, I'm dragging myself around, trying to recover from the weekend and being back at work. Last night, Barry and I went to this summer's final installment of the Hell on Reels film fest at Hell Gate Social in Astoria. I was up way too late since I told myself that this school year, I'm not letting work interfere with my social life - take that! And while I did have to drag my behind out of bed this morning, I had a terrific day, made even better when I returned home to find these beauties in my mailbox:

Not until we spent a week-long vaction together this summer did my mother realize what an affinity I've developed for hankies. Now that she's hip to my most recent thrifting addiction, she sent me these three. Apparently, she's recently become the owner of over fifty vintage hankies (it's a long story... don't you love it when the phrase "it's a long story" isn't followd by that long story?), and I can't wait to dig through them when I visit Cleveland next. You're the greatest, Ma! And, if you all will allow me a little aside here, my dad is pretty darn cool, too. These state-themed hankies are reminding me - Dad bought a Harley this weekend and is planning a cross-country trip (Ohio to California) for next summer. Rockin' parents, huh?
As if receiving the hankies through the regular mail wasn't enough, I later checked my e-mail and found such wonderful comments from friends and blog readers that I'm really beaming right now. I wanted to quickly address a few things that came up in some of the comments (since Blogger won't let me reply to those who post comments directly):
First, thanks to readers like Lexie who have visited and supported some of the brick and mortar stores where sulu-design jewelry is sold. The owners of all of the shops that carry sulu-design (found in my sidebar links) are all amazing young women who are working like crazy to make their independent stores successful. They and I truly appreciate your patronage.
Second, I wanted to let you know that you can e-mail me directly at sulu-design@hotmail.com - I added my address to the banner at the top of the blog a few days ago - with questions about particular pieces of jewelry that you may see posted here. That way, I can reply to your e-mail address directly (instead of posting information about your specific question here).
Last of all, I want to sincerely thank all of you who read my blog, especially those of you who post regularly. It means so much to me to come home after a day at work, an hour's commute on the subway, and an hour at the gym (Maryanne, my sister who participated in a biathalon recently, is inspiring me) to be greeted by such friendly words.
Have a wonderful week, everyone! Thanks for helping mine get off to a great start.


cynic the lamb said...

Happy Monday! Glad to hear your week got off to a great start. :)

erin said...

Glad to hear someone had a good Monday! Love those hankies - I can see why you collect them. Got a chuckle when I read the comment about your dad and his bike. My dad went to Australia this past winter to ride motorcycles with his friend to fulfill a life-long dream. Another long story - it didn't work as they had anticipated - but he is consistently on his Harley when the Chicago weather permits. coincidence?!?

Maryanne said...

Mom is really awesome for coming up with great things that usually invlove a long story and a friend of a friend. You should see the beautiful vintage Vera sheets she gave me for Mari's bed! Glad to hear my biathlon has inspired someone... my triathlon is this weekend and I think I am in denial. I was up until 11:30 this evening making peach tarts for my family and friends with the beautiful peaches from my neighbor's tree. But, hey, I'm supposed to load up on carbs, and isn't tart crust carbs?!

LALA dex press said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog which enabled me to find yours. I recently did an entry extending my appreciation for the very same things. I am constantly touched by the connections made between the people + our creations in the blog world, as well as in person + in the brick + mortar/ crafts show world.
I hope the rest of your week is as great as your Monday! Shona

julieree said...

great hankies! love the polka dots. and your rockin' folks sound super cool--my dad takes off on trips like that too, only instead of a harley he drives his VW bus!

glad your week is going well. Ditto on the thanks--your encouragement and lovely comments always make me smile. yeah. blog communities are good. :)

kstyle said...

Hi Susan,
Found your blog today via little doodles. So fun. I also design jewelry with my lampwork beads. Hope to have a link on my design blog soon. Love your earrings. Thanks,k