Funky Finds? Found!

Oh, joy! Jessica, the creative mind behind Funky Finds, a blog that I read religiously (and which has been a link in my sidebar ever since I figured out how to add links), truly made my day. Jessica, a graphic designer, posts one or two write ups every day on independent designers who create such items as jewelry, notecards, and softies, along with links to the designers' on-line shops, many of which are hosted by etsy. During my daily visit to her blog, I was so excited to find that sulu-design earrings were featured today! A huge thanks to Jessica, whom I admire for her dedication to giving independent designers a spotlight that many of us might not otherwise get. Check out her oh-so-kind promotion of sulu-design, and browse through some other deisgners' creations while you're at it. Have a fabulous weekend - mine is off to a great start.


Funky Finds said...

You're so sweet Susan! I hope your business flourishes. Your work is beautiful.

LALA dex press said...

I'm telling ya, the work you do with wood is stunning, of course it got noticed! Congratulations on the write up.