Cool Belts are Made at The House on Hill Road

Erin rocks. Really, truly rocks. I've been so anxious all week to get home from work, hoping to find a package from the House on Hill Road at my door, and today was my lucky day. The belt from Erin arrived! I restrained myself. I was dying to rip into the package immediately, but I took my time, capturing every stage of the opening process to share with you. Erin did an exquisite job of packaging everything.

first layer - adorable paper and lovely stationary

second layer - a homamade pouch tied with matching ribbons

third layer - the cutest patchwork belt you've ever seen

I'm in love with the fabrics Erin chose

and she was sweet enough to include this cute pin made from a fabric in the belt

I can't thank Erin enough. This swap was such a great experience. I loved having something to look forward to all week, and the results of this swap were better than I ever could have imagined. Erin did an amazing job on the craftsmanship of the belt, and she chose fabric that I would have chosen myself had I been standing in the store with her. Now, if only the earrings I made would arrive at her house!


erin said...

Yippee!!! I am so glad the package arrived and even happier that you like it. Swapping made it even more fun for me to sew. Can't wait for the earrings to come...

cynic the lamb said...

Love that belt - so pretty. Great pin, too. Nice swap!