Work in Progress, Life in Pause

Waking up at 4:30 this morning, being at school for close to twelve hours (most of which was consumed by mind-numbingly boring professional development sessions), and finishing off a bottle of red wine with Barry this evening all have me a bit... off. I'm semi-stressing about how I'll be able to keep up with reading all of my favorite blogs - forget about maintaining my own - if I keep up this pace at work. But I know I won't have to keep up this pace. I know that this is the same intensity that starts off every school year, and things calm down eventually. It's just hard to remember that right now.
I was able to squeeze in a few more hours in my classroom today. It should be ready for the kids by the time I leave work tomorrow. It's looking better, although I'm really saddened by the awful map rug that the principal insists I have in my classroom library.

It's hard making the compromise between what my aesthetic tells me to do, what the administration says I must do, and what I think will make the kids comfortable and happy. The school is close to one hundred years old and has lots of great old features, like the hardwood floors (which Connie appreciated in yesterday's photos), huge windows (noted by Julie), and great built-in closets. How I'd love to play up the age of the building and decorate with vintage school supplies! But I digress.
I stayed late at school, then ran right to Staples to get some supplies, darted home to do laundry, and started cooking dinner right away (a delicious broiled talapia with brown rice and black bean and mango salsa, by the way), so I didn't have much time for fun or craftiness tonight. I did, however, enjoy a beautiful sunset over Manhattan while looking out our kitchen window. Barry was nice enough to capture it for me. Actually, Barry was extra nice since getting the shot required that he climb out onto the fire escape.

And now, only one more day until the long weekend! Man, what's wrong with me? I've only been back to work for two days and already I'm thinking about having Monday off. What can I say? It was a wonderful summer.


Lesley said...

It sounds like you're frantic at the moment! I hope it all settles down for you. I used to love the start of the school year... autumn still makes me think of new beginnings, new books and new pencilcases! It was always exciting going into a new classroom with a new teacher. Happy new year to you!

ps. I see you had another etsy sale. Well deserved! I knew it wouldn't be long :-)

erin said...

Susan, the room is looking great. You are whipping it into shape in no time. Don't worry about the rug - the kids will be sitting on it so you won't have to look at it so much (hee hee!) Also love the sunset photo - what a way to end the day.