Whatever Makes Mom Happy

After I posted for the first time today, I received an excited phone call from my mother. She apparently checks in on my blog multiple times a day (even though I usually only post once). She was so happy to read that I might be posting a second entry today. So for the sake of my mom, who will be leaving work in less than an hour and who doesn't have internet access at home, here it is. Post number two.

In a few of the shops that carry sulu-designs, I've had a great response to the earrings I made out of red, carved Chinese beads. So earlier today I picked up some similar beads, one type in a different shape and one type in a different color. Above is what I've made with them so far. I'm thinking about putting some up for sale on etsy, too, but will probably wait until next weekend, since I'll be out of town this upcoming week.
Okay, Mom? I hope post number two lived up to your expectations!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, it did! I love it! Can't wait to see you and Barry! Your work is beautiful and the red carved Chinese beads are destined to be a best seller! Love, Mom