Ten Tuesday Treats

1. I had a great time riding my bike all over Astoria today. Now it's resting on it's hook in the kitchen. The Humber is a great ride - it proclaims it's "the aristocrat of all bicycles." Hee, hee.

The Salvation Army had an awesome selection today including...

2. These juice glasses:

3. This vintage clutch:

4. And wide-leg seersucker pants (I hadn't even known I needed them!):

5. I found three rolls of amazing wrapping paper at my next stop. Their colors remind me of my recent bead purchases:

6. On my ride home I passed Loveday 31 - holy window display!

7. I went to Sodafine (at it's soon-to-be-open, brand-spanking-new, Williamsburg location) and dropped off several pairs of sulu-design earrings and all of my post-New Orleans necklaces. Erin, the owner, is super cool. She's renovating the shop beautifully. More on Sodafine in the upcoming weeks...

8. I stopped by Communitea in Long Island City for the weekly knitting meet-up and chatted with the crew:

9. Maritza informed me that her "softies" are now up for sale at Subdivision in L.I.C. (where sulu-design earrings can also be found). And she's setting up an etsy shop, too!

10. Burt, the lone male knitter in the group, brought us all pears from his tree. A pear tree in Queens, New York!


connie said...

what cute wrapping paper! Too pretty to be used to wrap something and then tossed away.

Lesley said...

I really love your blog!! I've added it to my favourites. Thanks for visiting my blog so I could find yours!

I couldn't help but notice that the photo of the pears the top one has a funny in it.

sulu-design said...

I love that little pear on top! I nicknamed him Grumpy, which will probably make him all the harder to eat once he's ripe.

cynic the lamb said...

Thanks for the mention and the link! :)