Teeth-Clenching Excitement!

It might seem a bit silly, but I am thrilled - my etsy shop had its first sale today! Thanks goes to Lesley, my very first on-line customer. I'd recently been checking out her blog, where she posts her own beautiful sketches and watercolor paintings, so I was especially excited to hear that she was interested in my designs. And because of Lesley, I've changed my shop around a bit. I now offer international shipping (Lesley lives in the U.K.) and I accept PayPal. Had it not been for Lesley's request, my etsy shop would be so July 2006. Thanks for nudging me into the present-day, Lesley. I was so excited about the purchase that I immediately wrapped it and rode off to the post office:

Were there too many links in the previous paragraph? Sorry. I'll try to limit the number of them in the rest of today's post. They're just so much fun. Anyhow...
After riding my bicycle to the post office, I dropped by Mimi's Closet to give Mimi an invoice for yesterday's consignment. I was so pleased to see that she's already displayed several pairs of the sulu-design earrings in her shop:

When I stopped by, Mimi was waiting for a New York Times reporter who was coming to interview her. The Times is running a piece on Astoria/Long Island City boutiques in their August 20th Sunday Styles section. Mimi's Closet, Loveday 31, and Subdivision, all of which carry sulu-design earrings, will be featured! How happy am I that these independent stores are getting the attention that they deserve? In honor of the article, Mimi changed her window display, which now shows one of her gorgeous dresses:

Now I'm back home, getting ready to make my blog rounds. I've been sitting in front of the computer for a good part of the day (making the etsy changes and all), and every few minutes I find myself glancing up at several items that sit on a shelf above our desk. We've got a little collection going on up there: vintage photos that Barry picks up on our travels, pieces we've collected from garbage piles and junk stores, the clock I gave Barry the day we got married:

All of it is getting me excited for next week. My family (husband, mother, father, brother, sister-in-law, sister, brother-in-law, niece, nephews) and I are all meeting up in St. Joseph, Michigan, next week for our first vacation together. The photos and pieces o' junk on the shelf have got me anticipating some serious antique/vintage shopping and fun junk stores (which we always seem to stumble upon on our vacations). And the clock is reminding me that we'll be celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary the week that we're away. I can't wait to spend the week with my awesome family and have some relaxing time at the beach. Ah... summer!


Anonymous said...

Your first etsy sale!!!! How exciting! I love your blog, so interesting, wish I was there!

connie said...

Your packaging is sooo cute! And congrats on the sale and upgrading of the shop. And I love it too when independent shops and boutiques get the credit they deserve. That display of your earings looks delightful! Oh my, everything is just so cute.

Funky Finds said...

Congrats on your first sale! Your jewelry is beautiful. And I love how you packaged it! Good luck with your venture.

cynic the lamb said...

Congratulations!!! How exciting! The packaging is lovely!

Lesley said...

I just received the package in the post!!! It was so beautifully wrapped, and the earrings are fantastic! I love them. Thank you so much, Sulu!

If anyone reading this is thinking about buying some of Sulu's work then don't hesitate. It really is beautifully made.

Peter Lutjen said...

Wow!!!...Good to be called "cool" in print!!!
The new Harley is super...having a ball getting to
know it. Blog looks great...jeez, I gotta see how you're packaging stuff...sounds great!