A Place for Everything and Everything in Its Place

I'm going to have to start limiting my Salvation Army visits. Barry is getting scared by the amount of little ceramic things I'm bringing into our apartment. But I just couldn't resist buying this 49 cent sugar bowl today:

And it didn't help that a guy who lives down the street from us posted very intriguing rummage sale posters this week, which resulted in a few other small purchases, like the vintage rolling pin and glass rooster that are now sitting on our stove:

Barry was, however, almost as excited as I was about this cool mirrored cabinet that we also picked up at the sale:

I've been having fun this afternoon trying to shuffle these new additions into our already cramped apartment. It seems as if I'm constantly trying to find a place for something here. Which leads me to a question that I've been meaning to pose to any jewelry designers or crafters out there who make and sell small goods: How do you store and transport your wares? For years now, I've been using these little tins that stack onto each other, each acting as a lid for the one beneath it, to carry my sulu-design earrings around:

But recently, I'm finding that they aren't big enough for the amount of jewelry that I'm producing, and I can't fit the tins on top of one another anymore. Does anyone have any creative solutions to this storage problem? I like the look of the tins and would prefer to continue to use something that I find visually pleasing. And whatever I go with will have to be easy to carry on the subway and to stores. If you've got any ideas, I'd love to hear from you. Thanks, and enjoy the rest of this gorgeous weekend.


connie said...

Can't help you with the organizing question, but that ceramic rooster is cute! I just bought a dishtowl that has a rooster sewn on it, I like the simple country-style of the whole rooster motif.

Shari said...

love your finds. nothing beats a vintage rolling pin. :) we have the same clock in cream. hope you're having a good weekend. cheers, shari

julesgarcia said...

blogging (and shopping) right up to flight time!! enjoy your week in Michigan!