Oh, what a beautiful Sunday!

It started out with one of my all-time favorite activites: getting rid of clutter. I've been posting a lot of our unwanted clothing, books, and household items on Craig's List recently, and today the last freebie was finally picked up. I could tell it was going to be a great day.
Next, I went with Barry to help him decide on his most recent acquisition, a beautiful new bicycle:

I know that my post on Friday included pictures of two great bikes that Barry found in the trash. Have no fear - we're holding on to those. This third bike addresses some of Barry's more serious biking needs. Since his other ride is a fixed gear track bike, it's tough to take it on really long rides, like the century (100 mile ride) he participated in last year. He likes the strong frame, shifting ease, and quality components of this new bike. I think the orange and white paint job is really cute.
We were still basking in the glow of Barry's purchase as we hit our next stop, McCarren Park Pool in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, for a free concert/summer event. Don't let this serene shot from the pool (that is, the former pool - there's no water in it anymore) fool you:

What it captures is the moment of peace just before the whistle blew in an insane game of adult dodge ball that was part of the day's event line-up:

The game was no joke - two whistle-blowing referees, team members playing like their lives were on the line, and a cheering section that rivaled the Italians on Ditmars Boulevard (you Astorians know the fervor of which I speak) after this year's World Cup.
We pulled ourselves away from the competition to see the performance that brought us to McCarren Park Pool in the first place: the Detroit Cobras, live in concert!

As they wrapped up their set, Barry and I ran into my brother, Peter, and his wife, Jennifer, who we were hoping to see at the show. The four of us took off for dinner to Taco Chulo, a Williamsburg restaurant (at 318 Grand Street) where you can "pimp your taco." I highly recommend their fish and the cactus tacos, although I go for the unpimped variety.

With our bellies full, Barry and I took off in our car, followed by Peter on his scooter and Jennifer on her motorcycle:

There they are, as seen through our rear window. Now Barry is fast asleep in bed, dreaming about biking, no doubt. I think my cactus-loving tummy will join him.

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