No Vacation from Vintage Shopping!

The west coast of Michigan was a treasure trove of antique malls, vintage stores, and junk shops. Here are just a few of our finds from St. Joseph, Niles, Harbert, and the other small towns that we visited:

We picked up this frame, which has beautiful, delicate lines, in an old barn house.
It may end up holding a vintage Valentine's Day card that Barry gave me earlier this year:

I found a couple pieces of clothing and a few accessories that I just couldn't resist. The prices in almost every shop were so great (especially when compared to the inflated prices here in NYC) that I indulged a bit:

this handmade jacket is half of a smart little vintage suit -
I love the detail at the neck

Who doesn't love scarves?
I picked up one in pink mohair and the one in a black and white mod print.

I've been searching all summer for hankies
(a necessity when waiting for the subway in 90 degree heat)
and loved how these two had hand-embroidered details around their floral prints.

I also had to get the Faith, Hope, and Charity charms seen above -
my anchor obsession was in full force.

And then, the most random purchase of all...

this little rocking pony was too cute to pass up -
one day, when I own my own shop,
I'll display necklaces made of vintage pieces on this guy's back

Thanks, Michigan!


Melissa said...

I'm so glad you had such a lovely time in Michigan. I have to go there for my brother's wedding over labor day, which I doubt will be anywhere near as relaxing.

erin said...

you did find some treasures. I especially like the hankies. Funny enough, I had that same rocking horse as a child - my mom still has it at her house for my girls and my nephews to ride!

cynic the lamb said...

LOVE the little rocking pony - too cute!

Elisabeth Dunker said...
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Elisabeth Dunker said...

Your vintage rocking horse seems to have been well used, just like Sarah´s :-)