Mista Fritta

A great Italian antipasto, Mista Fritta (which translates to "mixed fried things") is made by deep fat frying bite-sized pieces of a various of goodies, from broccoli to unidentifiable animal organ parts. The pieces are served all together in a basket, and you never know what type of morsel you're choosing until you take a bite. The combination of all the different tastes is awesome - and it's not just becasue they're surrounded in a crisy layer of greasey goodness. In the vein of the pleasures that assorted goodies can bring, and in a nod to the heat that could fry an egg on the sidewalk that we're experiencing here in NYC, I'm deep fat blogging a random assorment of topics today.

First, a huge "thank you" to two women in my knitting group who were kind enough to feature me in their blogs over the past few days. Carolyn's blog is usually dedicated to all things knitty, but she used a sulu-design photo and description as her post on Monday. Hopefully, she'll post photos of the adorable baby hat that she finsihed at last night's meet-up at Communitea. Then there's Martiza's blog, which covers knitting, quilting, sewing... the list goes on and on. It was Maritza's blog that inspired me to start my own. She has an amazing sense of color and form. The photos of her work - from socks to "softies" are gorgeous, and the amount of high-quality work that she produces is staggering. So I was thrilled to find her post on Tuesday was about little old me. Thanks, Long Island City knitters!

Next random bite-sized piece: While I had been posting images and descriptions of the stores where sulu-designs can be found as I was making deliveries to them, I had trouble getting images of one store, so I hadn't yet included it here. Last week I sent a large shipment of sulu-design earrings off to Gingko, a boutique in the Tremont neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio. Since I'm not able to snap any shots of the store myself (being several hundered miles away from it), I'm including a link to a flickr page that shows Gingko's inviting front porch. Those of you in Ohio can check Gingko out yourself at 2403 Professor Street. The owner, Melanie, is an uber-friendly young entrepreneur who carries lots of handmade accessories, including her own designs.

Bite-sized morsel number three: After running all of my errands yesterday, I was on the verge of heat exhaustion. I figured, why not push it a little further? Why not rumage around an unair-conditioned, packed-to-the-gills thrift shop until I pass out? So I decided to drop into Second Best Thrift Store, at 3007 Astoria Boulevard. There, I found this little ceramic piece:

My sister and I are both ketchup-obsessed (see the little hand-painted label?), and I couldn't resist the shape and orange lines on this guy. I think he fits so well with the other things on the kitchen counter. Barry disagrees.

Last bite-sized nugget: Barry is the one in our apartment with the green thumb, but this summer, I'm really trying to maintain the flower box outside our bedroom window on my own. Just remembering to water it everyday is a big deal for me. But I've also learned how to prune back some of the unhealthier looking growth without going overboard, and I think I've had some success:

the one little bud sticking straight up in the center is new growth
on a plant that I had to cut completely back

on the left is the source for the basil that I'm using for tonight's dinner -
a pesto recipe sent by my mother

For next year's window box, I'll go for a little more variation in color, heights, etc., but for now, I'm happy that these are alive!
Enough mixed fried things for today. Ciao!

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cynic the lamb said...

Awwwww, shucks, you're making me blush. Thanks, Susan! Your positive response regarding my blog (and all my projects) means a lot to me. I didn't even think anyone read the darn thing. Thank you again.