Millie's Diner - Richmond, Virgina

We've only been in Richmond two and a half days, but we have eaten at Millie's Diner twice already. And we might make it three times before we leave. We've gotten into the habit of eating at Millie's several times during each of our trips to Richmond. The place is perfection!

The jukeboxes at each table are loaded with the best blues, reggae, old country, and punk recordings:

The interior is fabulous - cool old stools, vintage fixtures, a nice bar, a cook working magic in the front window, and just the right amount of darkness:

The food is amazing - a brief but sufficient blackboard menu (for breakfast and lunch) is comprised of some traditional diner-type foods with just a hint of a gourmet twist. From what I hear from those who are lucky enough to know first-hand, the dinner menu at Millie's is fantastic. And an extra bonus: you'll always find a cute scooter or two parked ouside. Peter and Jennifer, Barry and I thought you'd like this two-seater Lambretta:

Thanks to Barry for the photos today. Yep, I'm loving Richmond...


connie said...

i like the color scheme. and i love scooters. there are several around here and down town that i see parked everyday that i'm tempted to steal.

julieree said...

Cool place! I'm from VA, and my parents still live there, but I've never been to Millie's. I'll have to check it out next time I'm down there. :)

Lesley said...

Your photos are brilliant!! They ooze atmosphere. It looks like a fantastic place.