Jewelry Jinxed

Major frustration! I sat down hours ago to works on necklaces (as in necklace made plural), but I just couldn't seem to get going. I ended up with only one (as in necklace remaining singular):

And I'm not so sure that I love it. I am, however, extremely fond of the charm that hangs from it. It's some sort of insurance-related tag, as indicated by a bit of type that still clings to the back:

I picked up the charm (if one can call it that) in an old junk store in Alpine, Texas last summer. My memories of Alpine and the two towns, Marfa and Fort Davis, that form a small triangle with it (near the Big Bend National Park - glorious!), are so fantastic that they are currently overshadowing my ability to critique the design merits of the necklace.
I also tried to make a few pairs of earrings and was feeling pretty uninspired with those, too. I told myself that I would hold off on buying new beads for a while, at least until I've made more deliveries of earrings made with the last crop of beads. So I was playing around with the remaining beads from the last batch and feeling like I could do little more with them than what I had already done. I came up with these:

Kinda ho hum. On a happier note, Barry and I are leaving tonight for an extended weekend in Richmond, Virginia, to visit his parents. I'm excited to see Mike and Judy, I'm looking forward to hanging out in the city - Richmond is beautiful, and I'm psyched because I've got a breakfast date with Amy, the owner of JetSet. Amy has been carrying my earrings in her store (located in Carytown) for quite a while now. And this Friday she'll be picking out some new designs for the shop while I bask in her enthusiastic glow (if I only had half of this woman's energy...)! I'll post pictures of her adorable store in the next couple of days. Enjoy the rest of the week, and keep your fingers crossed that I'll find some jewelry inspiration soon.


cynic the lamb said...

The earrings are lovely, and the necklace (yes, singular, but exceptional as well) is beautiful. You make me wanna wear jewelry. Have a great extended weekend!

lexie said...

hi sulu
i have been reading your blog ever since i tried to find directions to subdivision (alla the nytimes article as you might suspect). my search led me to your blog and i have enjoyed very much seeing your whole thought process about your work and also about your process of finding cute shops and then eventually being able to sell your works in them. i love that little tale!
just wanted to point out to you that there have been a few shops ( i believe jetset and another one at least) that i have linked to from your blog, and i have noticed that they unfortunately do not mention you on their list of jewlery designers! what a shame. maybe send them a line and get your name up there! :)
look forward to visiting the shops and seeing your work. i love fort greene and have often visited sodafine. i look forward to seeing your work in their new location!

mia said...

I also like the singular necklace. I love the detail of beads at the clasp. also, love the orange center earrings with the purple clusters underneath. If they make it til the next time I see you, I want them!
have an awesome trip.

connie said...

Richmond is beautiful city, have fun! I bet you'll find all sorts of inspiration there. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Not at all "ho hum"! Would imagine that Amy is going to enjoy selecting your new offerings for her store!

Looking forward to hearing the results of your trip next week - have fun!