JetSet Boutique - Richmond, Virginia

After yesterday's post about the back-to-school blahs (with no photos - bah, humbug!), I'm so relieved to be able to share with you today some fun info and pictures about my wonderful morning here in Richmond. I met with Amy, the owner of the JetSet (located at 2925 West Cary Street in the heart of Carytown), for breakfast. Amy is a joy to talk to - she's got a great sense of humor, a sharp eye for design, and is super encouraging about my dreams of opening my own shop one day. She was full of helpful tips on the ins and outs of store ownership. I love hearing the story of how she started off on her independent store ownership venture (leaving the security of a corporate job), and how she figured out a lot about running a business through her successes and her... not-so-successes. My "I gotta open a store" wheels are turning. Yes, as Connie predicted in a comment earlier this week, I've found my inspiration in Richmond! Without further ado, I'd like to share JetSet with you:

Amy always has terrific window displays - always.

How adorable is her on-street tissue paper dress?

I admire how seriously Amy takes the design of her shop.
I come across too many well-intentioned, independently-owned shops
that carry great merchandise, but the owners just don't pay enough
attention to the atmosphere that they create in their stores.
Not JetSet, not Amy - her fixtures, color selection, and overall layout are fabulous!

JetSet carries jewelry by several local Richmond designers
as well as by non-Richmondites, like me.

And the clothes, oh the clothes!
Amy's sense of style is impecable -
she dresses with such a funky but polished flair herself and
she carries an amazing selection of independent designers' fashions in her boutique.

Oh, yeah. Amy and I didn't just meet to talk over bagels and coffee. I should mention that JetSet now has a whole new selection (and a wide selection at that) of sulu-design earrings, just in time for fall shopping. Thanks to Amy for the great company and all the valuable advice!


connie said...

that dress is tissue paper?! wow, what a fun store. I hope your designs do well there and I'm glad it seems you are liking Richmond. :)

connie said...

did you see?! I just bought something on your Etsy shop!!! I'm sooo excited!

:) you are very talented

Anonymous said...

hi. i know its been a while since jetsets been closed but i need to find out about this dress I bought there. if you could email me at leslie10689@yahoo.com that would be amazing.