Jets to Brazil? Rental car to Annapolis!

I'm back from Richmond, after a record-long drive home. Whenever I get stuck in serious traffic, I start imagining where I could be if I had flown instead of driving, allowing myself the same amount of time on my imaginary plane that I've spent in the all too real car. Yesterday, Barry and I could have made it south of the equator in the amount of time that we spent sitting on I-95. However, had we been on a plane, we would not have been able to stop by the antique mall in Annapolis that made me break out into a sweat, literally, over their cool, cheap wares. Check in later today for photos of the purchases that resulted from my insane spree. Until then, I'm leaving you with this photo of the package that I'm running out to mail now - another etsy order! For this one, I owe thanks to Connie, the author of the blog I can't get enough of, Life Love Chocolate.

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connie said...

yippee! i'm sooooooo excited! how cute!