It's a Small World

Just a quick post as I've got a ton of errands to run today. Errand number one: run to the post office to send of a package of sulu-design earrings to Beaumont School, my high school back in Cleveland, Ohio. They're having a fund raiser in September which includes a raffle, so I'm sending some earrings to be part of it:

It's funny how this arrangement started. Over a year ago, I walked into Ten63, a cafe that, much to my dismay, no longer exists, in Long Island City, Queens. I had seen postcards advertising a knitting meet-up that was held there each week. I had not idea how to knit, but I thought that perhaps I could learn through this group. Walking into the cafe, I immediately recognized one of the knitters. She and I had attended the same high school (which is hundreds of miles away from Long Island City), and we had graduated within one year of each other, more than ten years prior.
Mia, it turns out, lives in my neighborhood in Astoria! She was kind enough to become one of my early sulu-design customers. Apparently one of the pairs of earrings she bought made its way to her mother. To make a long story short - her mother works in the Alumnae/Development office at Beaumont School. So her mom and I chatted, and now I'm sending this package off to her for the fundraiser. I'm happy to send a donation off to Beaumont - that's where one of my favorite teachers ever, Ellen Carrerras, taught me studio art and art history. Thanks to Mrs. Carrerras for the great training, and happy fundraising, Beaumont!

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